New Arrival

When you lose your way, let the “North Star” guide you.

To spend the night with a new stargazing crew at the wide open spots under “Aurora sky”. The place with hope and sparkling, the new adventure of Chubby, Woody and CC New Friends “CC Starry and CC Earthery” are begin, who love stargazing more than anything else. Winter is the best time to shares your love and your dream during the night while looking at the sky and gazing at our “North Star”.

While the world has been changed but North Star always constant. “CC North Star” our new collection was inspired by all of you who always shine as the light of billions of stars, we hope you will be the brightest star as you are. North Star has stable position of the star and readily visible to the naked eye at night in the Northern Sky makes it useful for navigation for campers who lost their trace just like you who give us the direction. The main inspiration of North Star we believe that “Northstar = Forever Star Never Change“ and so are you.

To find your North Star, we invite you to celebrate and shine your style by our new collection, zipping out your window and look up to the sky you will see the same sky as Colors Culture. Let’s share your dream together, and with us. 

Discover our “CC NORTH STAR” collection
CC North Star Cardigan in Colorful Sky (THB 3,290.-)
CC North Star Cardigan in Blue Sky (THB 3,290.-)
CC North Star Crop Shirt in Baby Star Dust (THB 1,590.-)
CC North Star Hoodie in Reflex Aurora (THB 2,690)
CC North Star Fluffy Tote in Sky Beige (THB 1,990.-)
CC North Star Fluffy Tote in Sky Dawn (THB 1,990.-)
CC North Star Baby Bag in Sky Beige (THB 990.-)
CC North Star Baby Bag in Sky Dawn (THB 990.-)
CC North Star Bracelet in Pastel Star (THB 690.-)
CC North Star Bracelet in Colorful Star (THB 690.-)

Terms and conditions
-Pre-order period 26 November 12PM (GMT+7) - 2 December 2022 (Limited quantity)
-Worldwide Shipping Available
-Delivery will start on late January 2023 onwards
-Order only at website >
-Colors Culture is not responsible for items lost, damaged, or stolen in transit.
-Terms and conditions as designated by the company.

For more information:
Facebook: colors culture
Twitter: @culture_colors
IG: Colors_Culture
Tiktok: colors_culture
Line ID: @colorsculture

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Colors Culture By PP KRITT

Winter is coming as well as "Winter Break" Our latest collection which will give you the cutest liveliest winter ever. With our brand character "CC Flower", "CC Cloudy", "CC Rainbow", "CC Fruity" matching with the Brand logo. New design of products; Long sleeve, Hoodie, Sweater, Fluffy Bag, Keybag (refer to Keychain with coin bag), and Color changing glass. The new Collection will bring you into the bright and colorful winter vibe but cozy warm feeling.


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